Fremantle Chamber of Commerce – Blue Economy Panellist Video

“We are not sea people by way of being great mariners, but more of a coastal people, content on the edge of things. ….There is more bounty, more possibility for us in a vista that moves, rolls, surges, twists, rears up and changes from minute to minute. The innate human feeling from the veranda is that if you look out to sea long enough, something will turn up…” Tim Winton, Author

A definite advantage of being a media production agency is that we get to work on interesting projects about topics that are not only relevant to us as a business operating on the coastlines of Western Australia, but more importantly to the sustainability of our oceans and future economy. In our latest production, Danicia Quinlan, CEO from the Fremantle Chamber of Commerce gives her contribution captured for the State of the Blue Economy Forum 2020. She draws on heritage, identity, and literary inspiration for looking ‘out’ from the ‘verandah’ of our coastline to the future.

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