We just wanted to live our best life.

We've always believed that the best version of ourselves starts with creativity. That's why we've dedicated the past 5 years to create videos and photos that affordably and effectively get your audience in the right state at the right time.

Meet Emma

I could tell you that I was only 7 years old when I got my first camera and that I went to a fancy arts school – or I could tell you the truth.

The truth is that I didn’t really get into serious photography and video until I was 25 – I lived in Canberra and traded in my “point and shoot” for my first professional grade camera.

At the time, I had a lot on my plate. I worked full time, trained intensely in Crossfit and Snowboarding and was studying filmmaking and photography. I set out to challenge both my mind as well as my body. I set out to live life to the fullest.

It took me another few years and a memorable trip to Bali to realise that helping people realise their vision and reach their goals through art and design suits me better than a suit. 

All this in mind I decided to chuck my plans for a Data Analytics masters overboard, traded that grey office desk in to start a business. With a set of skills built over years of study and experience and an overflowing camera gear closet, I set out to find ways to innovate the industry and provide businesses ways to stay connected with their audiences and customers in this crazy world. 

These days I’m doing what I should’ve been doing a lot earlier. I snap photos and make films. 

Creating the brand

What's in a name?

The name “Limitless Edition” was conceived well before starting the business. Unsure of which direction she wanted her new venture to take, she liked that it was a bit enigmatic and brought limitless possibility to our otherwise core functionality.   

Contrary to belief, the “Co” doesn’t mean Company or Corporation. Rather, it pays homage to the many hardworking and talented individuals that contribute to our creations – our clients, vendors, suppliers and team of creators who all help bring projects to life.

Our brand is fluid. We are constantly adapting to the challenges in our environment and continue to learn new ways to solve real problems. We believe the world needs less “experts” and more people with soul in the game. 

With more creations everyday, we're on a mission.

A mission to focus on the three things most important to us.

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We are constantly improving and believe in small, fast paced project work that allows everyone to remain adaptable. After going through hundreds of iterations, modifying techniques, updating gear and styles, we are always aiming to deliver the best services in the industry. 

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We don’t want you to rely on us forever. Join us on a journey of artistic development to learn the tools and basic skills you need to create your own content. With plenty of free resources and education to help you get in touch with your inner artist and creative director. 

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Giving Back

We believe it is our duty to use our unique creative talents and skills to give back. We offer our services at cost price for any environmentally and socially responsible business or non-profit who are struggling to share their story and vision with the world in a highly impactful way. Contact us to learn more about eligibility for our Soul in the Game program.