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Brand Storytelling…Where do you start?

Your brand is at the heart and soul of your business. A story that reflects your heritage, vision, values and what you offer to others.  It’s a partnership in which consumers invest their personal equity as the relationship grows.

The equity consumers have in a brand is not just the money they’ve spent on products or services but also their emotional investment.

For example: You can find powerful stories of social responsibility through the sustainably sourced swimwear brand. Stories of friendship and loyalty from the local cafĂ© who remembers everyone’s name and order before they even reach the counter. You can find stories of comfort and joyful living from your local builder or architect. Every brand and business owners has a story to connects them to their target market.

There are limitless ways to market your brand, product or service. But we would be doing ourselves an injustice if we didn’t share with you the way we believe is most impactful right now – motion pictures. Here’s the facts:

  • Youtube is the second-largest search engine, next to Google.
  • Videos on your landing page increase conversion by 80 percent
  • Videos can increase likelihood of purchase by 64 percent among online shoppers.
  • Videos inspire 65 percent of executives to visit a marketers website and 39 percent to call a vendor

That’s because a beautifully executed brand video that has:

1. unique and relatable characters,

2. an emotional atmosphere, and

3. the story of your experience

is going to grab the attention of this completely distracted world.

Their attention is so fragmented right now and yet they have more purchasing options than ever before.

Their attention is so fragmented right now and yet they have more purchasing options than ever before.

Your biggest advantage is not how clever or fun your traditional marketing campaigns are or your price. It’s your ability to build relationships with customers on trust, value and relevance. So create and share your brand story today.