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We understand the hustle.

That’s why we provide creative services to help elevate your brand to the next stage of its evolution. Our video and photo creations are shortcuts to the ideal connection with your audience, delivering just the right amount of what you need to clarify, promote and inspire your audience in the moment. 

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We use world class creative software and gear to give us the edge

For all projects – large or small – the creative process is a close relationship between two personalities. 

The Artisan – An individual with niche skills and knowledge to produce tangible works in line with their clients objectives. E.g Videographer, Photographer or Graphic Designer

The Strategist – An individual who focus on the broader vision and strategy of a project to ensure the overall project is reaching the clients vision and goals. E.g. Creative Director or Art Director

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Are you struggling with identifying which creative projects you need to reach your business goals? Does your website, logo, social media, photographic, style and tone of communication feel disjointed and out of alignment with your overall brand values?

The role of your Creative Director is to overlook everything creative in your business. They help clarify your emotional selling proposition and focus on the integrity and vision of your brand. For example, the overarching goal might be to go to market with a new product and to generate sales. They will help you identify what you need from a compelling website that focuses on content marketing and one video ad, to a specific photography style, and a friendly tone of communication. Creative direction sets the foundation for your Art Director to create the visual pieces.

An experienced Creative Director is invaluable for new businesses trying to carve out their space in the market or existing brands wanting to refine or refresh their positioning.

With a clear emotional selling proposition and goal as directed by the Creative Director and you as the client, your Art Director engages in early brainstorming sessions with graphic designers, copywriters, illustrates, photographers etc to come up with specific ideas for a project. If it’s a video, they will draft a storyboard, if it is an ad campaign they will sketch ideas and present it to both the Creative Director and the client for approval. 

Your Art Director will be responsible for coordinating individual creatives from graphic designers to video makers and illustrators needed to execute a project. 

We specialise in creating photographs for commercial purposes. Our photographers will use the latest in professional gear, experience and software to create visual imagery that aligns with your brands emotional selling proposition and goals. From composition to lighting, model hire and lens selection, the goal is to execute beautiful and purposeful content that fits in with the overall creative strategy. 

Retouching involves the manipulation and enhancement of photographs using specialist tools such as Lightroom and Photoshop to refine the look and feel of an image. Your retoucher is skilled in correcting every component of an image as well as advanced techniques such a colour grading, dodging and burning, compositing and object removal. The objective is to align your imagery with the rest of your brands creative works to ensure consistency of brand messaging as well as create an emotional affect on your audience that promotes action. 

Video is a powerful tool that brands can use to affect the emotions of their audience and customers. Whether it be capturing a memory, telling a story, educating a difficult concept or changing the emotional state of your customers, video is one of the most effective ways to achieve this because you can engage both your visual and auditory senses. Your videographer/filmmaker will employ a variety of techniques to create your project in line with your specific goals. 

All creative industries require specialist skills and talent however post production is uniquely difficult as it involves so many elements from colour theory, illustration, graphics, sound design and motion pictures to create a compelling narrative in line with your goals. 

We are skilled in software from the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite including- Premiere Pro, After Effects and Audition to produce compelling and unique video content. 

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Plenty of branding content. Every day.

Never run out of digital content again with a retainer package. We will set you up with a bespoke solution to fit your goals, budget and availability. Members save up to 20% and receive ongoing creative mentoring from our very own Creative Director Emma. Book a free digital consultation to learn more.

Our Mission

We started Limitless Edition Co out of a desire to provide value to other brands and non-profits using the passion and skills we have in the creative industry.   

Emma and her crew provided valuable creative direction to bring my project to life and help reach my target audience. She was easy to work with on the and delivered the video back to me the same week. I will certainly be using them again.

David Crane

Owner, Instinct Health and Fitness